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What Is Stoicism?
Helping you (and me): LEARN from the past, PLAN for the future, LIVE in the present. Check out for original content and resources.

When Chinese author Zhang Wei paid £7,600 to drink the world’s most expensive dram of whisky, he said, “In a nutshell, it tasted good. I was drinking not so much the whisky but a lot of history.” 139 years of history to be exact.

Or so he thought.

It was…

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I’m in a house in the country and the garden backs onto a farmer’s field. I’m looking out the back window early in the morning. Early enough that well-rested people are still in bed.

The sheep in the field are winter white but the grass is Springtime green, dewy due…

Zero to Philosopher in One Day

Daily life can be busy. And it can be worrying. And exciting, anxious, and a whole host of other things that distract us from focusing on ourselves and the present moment.

We read about Stoicism and get excited about adopting a philosophy of life, something to guide us in our…

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We’ve all experienced the feeling of occupation that makes the passage of an hour, or a longer period of time, a mere nothing. You get lost. You’re swept along oblivious with each tick of the clock. Something traps your focus until you’re left asking where the day went.

There can…

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I don’t often confirm a “good day” unless a number of good things have happened. There needs to be a clear and heavy imbalance in favour of things going right, categorical and undisputed, before any contentment can ensue.

I woke up early, I completed my work to-do list, I exercised…

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When you first get a puppy and you’ve owned her for a few days, your prevailing thought might be “what have I done?”

Before you got her you watched just about every dog training video on YouTube, you read endless articles about what to feed her and how much mental…

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In Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer, the main character, Binx Bolling, periodically muses on the concept of a repetition. He first explains it as follows (if you’re like me, reading the explanation will need several repetitions before it sinks in!):

“What is a repetition? A repetition is the re-enactment of past…

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One of the stranger misconceptions about Stoicism is that it is an individualistic philosophy focusing only on self-discipline.

The reality is quite the opposite — Stoics believe, as Marcus Aurelius put it, that humans exist for the sake of one another. The extension of that message is that we should…

If you’re new to Stoicism, or just in need of a refresher, here are 101 short sentences covering the key concepts of the philosophy!


  1. Stoicism was founded by Zeno of Citium in Athens around 300 BC.

2. The name is derived from the “Stoa Poikile” (“Painted Porch”) where Zeno taught…

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The word philosophy comes from the Greek philosophia, which literally means “love of wisdom.” So, whether you’re completely new to Stoic philosophy or have been inching ever-closer to sagacity for some time, the great thing is that it’s always possible to learn something new, to feed your hunger for wisdom.

What Is Stoicism?

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